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What’s your beef?

Have you ever found yourself looking at a beef case, wondering, “What’s the difference between these steaks?” Are you unsure of the best choice for the grill vs a hit for taco Tuesday? At Lake Norman Butchery, we have nearly 50 beef options in house daily and can custom cut or order more. Here are few of our best kept secrets and classic favorites:

  • Spinalis (Ribeye Cap) – I lovingly call this prize “meat candy,” and it is probably my favorite cut. It comes from the top of the Ribeye and is extremely flavorful with a delightful bite. Typically cut around 2’ thick, grill on high heat to sear for about 3-4 minutes per side for medium rare.

  • Flat Iron – Second in tenderness to Tenderloin and at better price point, good for steaks, stir fry, skewers, salads and fajitas. Typically around 1 to 2” thick, cook for 4-5 minutes per side for medium. Rest before cutting and slice thin across the grain.

  • Sirloin Cap (Coulotte) – From the top of the Sirloin, one of the most tender Sirloin cuts and a star at Brazilian steakhouses. Versatility and flavor make it good to marinade. After resting, slice thin across the grain.

  • Tri-Tip – Another Sirloin cut, this one is from the bottom. Best served medium or medium rare; smoking and grilling are most popular. Hi heat sear to brown then move to a lower temperature to finish cooking for a total cook time around thirty minutes. After resting, cut against the grain, which is three different ways since this steak is a triangle shape.

  • Flank Steak – This is your steak taco pick, thin for a quick cook and easy to season.

Don’t forget your favorites – Tenderloin, Ribeye and New York Strip are always safe bets for an awesome steak on the grill. Tenderloin is your lean and tender classic, Ribeye is full of flavor and North Carolina’s #1 seller, and New York Strip has slightly less fat and more texture.

Take it up a notch – Wagyu is the king of steaks, with intense marbling, delicate tenderness and rich, buttery flavor for an ultimate beef experience. It is a specific type of cattle, and the Wagyu marbling is graded A1-A5 with A5 being the most marbled.

No matter what you choose – aging, marbling, and being freshly cut is Lake Norman Butchery’s recipe for making your steak great!

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